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Sí lo sé, debería estar dejándome los codos empollando, pero en una pequeña consulta me he encontrado este test y me han hecho gracia las respuestas, es el típico que tienes que poner el WinAmp o lo que sea...

1. How do I feel today?
Song: Don't Call me Baby
Artist: Madison Avenue
Comment: ...º__º... Don't underestimate me boy I'll make you sorry you were born >D

2. Will I get far in my life?
Song: Aserejé
Artist: Las Keptchup
Comment: ...O_o;;;

3. How do my friends see me?
Song: The Storm
Artist: Blackmore's Night
Comment: xD

4. Where/when will I get married?
Song: We Rule the Danza
Artist: Prezioso   
Comment: ¿Ein? o_O

5. What is the theme song of my best friend?
Song: White Night Fantasy
Artist: Nightwish
Comment: alguien le ve sentido... xD

6. What is my life story?

Song: Butterfly Lovers Concerto
Artist: Vanessa Mae
Comment: ...zoy una marizopla? >_>... o va a ser laaaaaaarga xDDDDD

7. How was my high school?
Song: Cosas de la Edad
Artist: Modestia Aparte
Comment: Sí, nene, sí xDDDD.

8. How will I get forward in my life?
Song: Livin On A Prayer
Artist: Bon Jovi
Comment: ¡Porras! Nada de octogenario millonario enonces....

9. What is the best thing about me?
Song: Shadow of the Moon
Artist: Blackmore's night
Comment: ...¿bailar a la luz de la luna? 8D

10. How was this day?
Song: 7 Vidas
Artist: El Canto del Loco
Comment: Solo he ido a la uni xD, o bueno... xDDDDD

11. What will the next weekend bring?
Song: You See the Trouble with Me
Artist: Black Legend
Comment: Ajá! >D

12. Which song describes my parents?
Song: Chori Chori Gori Se
Artist: "The Guru" SondTrack
Comment: Me mondoooooooooo~~ xDDDDDD

13. How will my life be?

Song: Sufre Mamón
Artist: El Canto del Loco
Comment: OMG! Entre esta y la de Bon Jovi empiezo a temblar ya...

14. Which song will be played in my funeral?
Song: Sueño tu Boca
Artist: Raúl
Comment: Me odiaban, colega... xD (Ahora tengo esta imagen mental de todo el mundo bailando alrededor de mi ataud con la coreografía chorra "Hace tanto que sueño su bocaaa, que la vida se me ha vuelto locaaaaaa" xDDDDDDD

15. How does the rest of the world see me?

Song: Tú sigue así
Artist: OBK
Comment: Lo intentaremos xD

16. Will I lead a happy life?

Song: Mi Jefe
Artist: Mojinos Escocíos
Comment: ...ay, madre...

17. What do my friends really think about me?

Song: Enamorado de la moda juvenil
Artist: Radio Futura
Comment: Por todos los dioses, tengo que hacer repaso urgente a mis canciones xD, tienen menos sentido que una patata con un tamagochi.

18. Do people secretly lust after me?
Song: Make me Smile
Artist: Steve Harley
Comment: ...¿lo doy por un sí?... :D (AJAJAJA! Babead, babead malditos... ¿/tas?... xD)

19. How can I be happy?
Song: Arde la Calle
Artist: Radio Futura

20. What should I do with my life?

Song: I Will Love Again
Artist: Lara Fabian
Comment: ...¿ah?

21. What will my children be like?
Song: No More Turning Back
Artist: Gitta
Comment: ... ¿una advertencia para usar preservativos o algo? xD

22. What name(s) will I give to him/her/them?
Song: Paquito el Chocolatero
Artist: Nu ma cuerdo
Comment: Me van a odiar, fijo vamos xD

23. What will my spouse be like?

Song: La Leyenda del Hada y el Mago
Artist: Rata Blanca
Comment: ...¿con barba y sombrero picudo?... ¿o con alas?...

24. Do I have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
Song: If This ain't Love
Artist: Groovejet
Comment: o.ô

25. Will I have a satisfying life?
Song: I Still Remember
Artist: Blackmore's Night
Comment: ...euh... o.O

26. How will I die?
Song: I Will Survive
Artist: Hermes House Band
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