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Parece que no tenga nada mejor que hacer, ¿eh? xD

Are you a child of shadows or an angel, godddess or someone else? Take the quiz and find out! (with pics!)

Child of Shadows - I bow before you, sister of faith. :) You are mysterious - noone knows where you came, where you stay and when you are going to leave again. A free soul, beuatiful in your lonely shodwy strength. Noone can ever catch you against your will and only you know your reasons - and you do not explain your motives to anyone. Noone can say who or what you are - human, vampire, demon, angel?
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Vaaaale... Creo que me quedaría bien un tatuaje como ese... aunque no estoy segura sobre los piercings... (¿y porqué demonios escribe "noone"?).

You scored 25% nobility, 56% magic, 30% slavery, and 54% practicality!
As a volva, or seeress, you can see into the future, and are useful to many powerful people. You could have been born anywhere, to anyone. Your powers are arcane and you know all of the seeing songs. You are probably the youngest of nine sisters and dedicated to Freyja.
Link: The Which Viking Woman Are You? Test written by SnoDragon on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

What's Your Inner Beast? [pics]

The Feline:


The Feline is the symbol for Independence. You have a soul of a Cat inside you, which reflects a sensitive and independant behavior.

Strengths: Normal routines are common in this lifestyle as the Feline doesn't enjoy being brought upon something new because of this calm nature. The Feline is never really seen with many friends because of the indepenence it takes. A high awareness, overly observant, is also common. Some may call you an outcast at times, but you always seem to fit in wherever you are needed.

Flip Side: The past is like the present for you. The memories of long ago, good and bad, haunt your mind, and regret is always on the fringes of your thoughts. You can be very sensitive and shy when it comes to certain topics, and even around people.

Congratulations! You have a Cat inside!

pic (c) Christy Grandjean aka GoldenWolfen

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Vale, el resultado mola, el dibujo es bonito, y adoro los leopardos de las nieves... pero los antro/furries me dan mal rollo (sobre todo cuendo ponen posturitas...) O__o;;;;;;;

93% Beast
You are an owl. You are a cultured person and probably have some good close friends. People should be wary not to anger you as you will attack.
Link: The What Woodland Creature Are You Test written by dustyowl on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

You scored as Mary Read. You are very unconventional, you defy the rules as often as you can and like to take as many risks as possible. You will probably end up living happily under a bridge somewhere laughing at all the unsavory deeds you once instigated.

Mary Read


Captain Jack Sparrow


Captain Barbosa


Black Beard


Will Turner


Morgan Adams


Long John Silvers


Captain James T. Hook




Dread Pirate Roberts


What kind of Pirate are you?
created with

¡¡¡AJAJAJAJAJA!!! Empatada con Jack Sparrow xDDDDDD, ¡guay!

gURL.comI took the "Women Warriors" quiz on
My woman warrior is...
Anne Bonny

Like Anne, you might make quick (and sometimes rash) decisions based on the situation. When emotions run high, you're probably not afraid to lash out or defend those closest to you. Whether it's someone talking behind your back or your parents reading you the riot act, you are fast with words.Read more...

Which woman warrior are you?

¿Uh?, pues probablemente en el fondo del mar matarile rile rile... Parece que va de piratas hoy la cosa XDD -» The Quiz - Solutions

For 50 % you are: You are Mr. Darcy. You've got a thing or two to learn about humility, and you might come across as aloof, proud, and/or reserved. But those who are close to you appreciate your truly admirable qualities - your agile mind, your goodness and steadiness of character, and your capacity for loyalty and deep, enduring love. Women crave a man like you.
66.57 % of 1421 Quiz participants had this profile!

You could also get this result:
For 40 % you are: You're Mr. Bennet. Witty, erudite, and sharp as a razor, you never fail to entertain. You enjoy making sport of serious things and observing the amusing behavior of silly, snobbish, or pretentious people. Try to take your responsibilities more seriously though... and try to be more sensitive to other people's feelings.

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You are Mr. Bingley. Charming, amiable, popular wherever you go... you bring a smile to everyone's face, and earn their respect through your thorough lack of pretension and snobbery. If only you could strengthen your resolve and become a more decisive and resolute fellow...

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: You are Mr. Collins. You would not comprehend any comments or advice I might give you, so just run along to your patroness and listen to whatever she has to say, inserting humble, eloquent praise whenever she pauses for breath.

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are: Hello, Wickham. Yes, you're the sly, money-hungry rake, a cunning fellow, a natural actor, a born seducer. Your astonishing capacity to deceive can make you popular, though sooner or later people find you out.

Soy la hija bastarda de Mr. Darcy y Mr Bennet xDDD, pero lo que más me hace feliz es el cero morrocotudo que tengo con Collins, me hace sentir más a gusto conmigo misma xDDDD
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