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You are a Druid!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

XD Este ya lo había hecho, pero me hace mucha gracia, hay una pregunta que dice algo así como "¿Qué vas a ser de mayor?" y entre otra pone "Conservacionista medioambiental" XDDDDDDDDD, así que me da estas cosas.

Esta se la vi a Butter

Artificial Mechanical Youth

¿Qué nombre más estúpido, ¿no?

Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

O_o;;; La verdad, no sé de qué me extraño... XDDDD

your an earth nymph! you love animals, and you feel
most comfortable around them. you are probably
a little shy around people, so some see you as
distant. your also very intelligent, and you
love to read.

what would you be in a fantasy world? (amazing pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

^______^ Solo me falta el tipazo y el pajarraco XDDDDDDDD

witch normal
You are a normal witch.

Familiar: Cat
Eye color: Black
Fate: Burned at the stake.

Wh@t type of witch are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Burned at the stake o_O;;... joer. XDDDDD (Por cierto este era bastante estúpido, pocas preguntas y la mayoría sobre Evanescence XDDDDDDDDDDDDD).

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